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Wednesday 15th May 2013 @ 10:30am By Simon Goodall

There is nothing quite as stressful as a dog that just keeps on barking. Whether it is barking at the door, barking at the gate, barking at the fenceline, barking at your or a cat it still drives people slightly bonkers! So what can you do in order to ensure the barking remains minimal.

First off get an idea for what the barking is for. It may be stress, territorial or attention seeking barking. Today we will look into the fenceline barking as that seems to be the most annoying barking for people. However what you may not know is that many dogs when you are away don't bother barking at the fenceline as there is nobody there to protect. In addition to this nobody goes out to see what they are doing so there is no point in it.

So how do we stop fenceline barking? First off create a boundary around the fenceline about 1 metre away from the fence. Do this by putting down a rope and walking over it and every time the dog steps over say "back, back" and walk it back. Work on this for about 2 minutes before the dog slowly gets the idea. The reasoning behind this is that the dog learns that over that line they are not allowed to guard because we told them they were not allowed there and is your area. The dog soon realises that if they were to step over the line they get told off and is a visual line. Every time they then bark at the fence they will do so over the line so go outside and tell them to get back. This ensures you are telling them off for the right thing. If you just say stop barking they have no idea what they are being told off for, other than being told off. The back command works effectively in assisting with this.


Give it a go this afternoon and see how you get on



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